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About Us



Took Blockchain Technology pte. ltd is a high-tech enterprise with the application of blockchain technology as its core, standardized management and rapid development, officially joined the Singapore Digital Currency Enterprises and Startups Association in 2019.The company has a block chain technology research and development and related project operations, with an industry-leading 3.0 blockchain commercial public chain, high-performance transaction processing capability, efficient consensus mechanism, powerful intelligent contract engine, and blockchain upgrade management capabilities, that can offer blockchain basic service facilities and industry-level solutions for major industries and key vertical areas.


Digital Token Distribution of Gold

Based on the Oceania Mining (WAU) Ltd's gold mining value, Goldrp has been issued. GRP (Gold Rush Protocol) has 100% gold support and anchors gold. Therefore, it not only has the value storage function of gold, which can be ingeniously connected with the real identity to generate credit value, but also has the portability, transparency and liquidity of digital currency to solve the physical flow problem of traditional gold. GRP will be circulated in all areas of Took Blockchain platform, including all physical industrial financial services, supply chain tracing, public service and entertainment industry. And it will be deeply applied in all business application scenarios as payment and settlement, retail consumption, store preservation and appreciation carrier, value conversion tool, etc. In addition, we will guarantee the GRP-gold exchange at the issue price during the circulation process. Through the circulation of GRP, the global users will have wide recognization on the value of GRP, and truly push the GRP blockchain ecosystem to be the world’s first market value system.

Oceania Mining (WAU) Ltd

OML group, as a large mining group focusing on the exploration and development of precious metal mineral resources, holds 8 gold mining areas in Papua New Guinea, with a total mining area of more than 200 square kilometers. The WAU gold mine (ml289-291) will be operated until July 2025, with the priority of renewal.

Technical Support from ALPHACRYPT

3.ALPHACRYPT, founded in Slovenia, is a technical service company specializing in block chain technology and financial technology. It provides technical development of various network products, including smart contract, DAPP and various other software, and provides customized services.


Financial services

Trade finance / supply chain finance is naturally a multi-party business chain. With the TOOK Blockchain, it is possible to promote the separate and independent individual centers into a unified multi-center with multiple parties, to open up all links of upstream and downstream trade, improve the efficiency of trust transmission, reduce transaction costs, and promote the benign ecological construction of trade finance.

Core business:

The TOOK Blockchain block shares books, breaks information asymmetry, releases/delivers core corporate credits, reduces industry costs, optimizes fund allocation, and integrates multiple channels to enable companies to achieve self-finance.


TOOK Blockchain is based on the core enterprise's reputation, guarantees credit transfer in circulation, and realizes low-cost financial services for multi-level suppliers in the industry chain.

Financial institution:

The data authorization sharing of TOOK Blockchain can obtain investment resources with more business volume and more controllable bargaining space.

Supply chain traceable

TOOK Blockchain enables static (inherent) and dynamic (flow, credit, etc.) information for each item to be produced by manufacturing companies, warehouse companies, logistics companies, distributors, retailers, e-commerce, consumers, and government regulators. Sharing, consensus. The TOOK Blockchain platform links the goods supply chain ownership and transfer relationship, and effectively links upstream and downstream enterprises with indirect relationships.

information record:

All key information blockchains from production to consumption are recorded and encrypted to prevent data forgery, and authorized users can query and verify.

Data traceability:

The commodity code maps the block chain account address, shares the ledger, connects the product ownership and transfer relationship, and can automatically identify the commodity code through the smart phone, sensor equipment, etc., and the data can be extracted and verified in real time.


TOOK Blockchain multi-center network trust, enterprises can not only grasp the situation of upstream and downstream enterprises, track transaction status, understand indirect links to end-user information, and provide supervisory intervention interfaces, which is conducive to government/market supervision.